Hawaii 23 Februray to 10 March 2013


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Hawaii now that is a place that has a wonderful climate.  Cruised there this year on the Sapphire Princess.  The Cruise was round trip from Los Angeles on the 23 Feb 2013 and we returned on the 10 March 2013.  Loved the Cruise we were at Sea for 4 days prior to arriving in Hawaii and our first port visit.  While sailing we encountered a gale ( my first gale at sea) the sea was of course extremely rough.  None of the passengers were allowed to to go outside all the doors to the outside decks were taped off with emergency police type tape. It looked like a toranto type of weather outside so I can’t imagine anyone even thinking of going out side.   It only lasted the night.   Of course I was sick.  But can’t complain sea sickness medication put me right to sleep so I slept through the storm and was fine when I woke up.  The other memorial event that occurred was someone thought they saw a body in the water.  The ship came to a stop and all passengers had to return to their cabins immediately ( it was a formal night and around dinner time). Luckily my friend and I were in our cabin getting dressed for dinner so were not interrupted.  It took about an hour for the cabin stewards to physically see and count everyone in their cabins.  No ended up missing nor had any other ships in the area reported anyone missing.  Good to know if I fell overboard the ship would stop and search.  Other than those 2 incidents the rest of the trip was uneventful and wonderful.  The Islands are so  beautiful.   Take a look in the Gallery for all the Pictures from Hawaii.

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